Crisis quote by Mark Twain

When facing bad news, you need a crisis expert.

The what, when, where and how of what you say and do when a sensitive issue or crisis strikes will define how others judge you. And not just that day, but for years to come. At those times, you need a seasoned been-there, done-that crisis communications and issues management advisor. You need someone who can guide you through the storm of bad news from aggressive reporters or a social media attack. You need a consultant who focuses on protecting your reputation to work side-by-side with your attorney to see that your good name stays that way – good.

With Wiley Brooks, you can put 30 years’ experience at your side. Wiley is one of the top issues and crisis go-to guys in the Northwest. He sits at the right hand of CEOs confronting issues that could forever tarnish their company’s hard-earned reputation. He teams with their attorneys to help chart a path back to normal.

Wiley works with big and small companies, non-profits, colleges, churches and even well-known people. It's his job to define what the client faces in the court of public opinion, figure out the options, propose a response and then do whatever is needed to put out the fire.

If something bad is about to engulf you, call Wiley at (206) 963-2230. He will help you save your company's good name.
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Crisis 411