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Clear writing, done quickly at a good price

Over the past 30 years, Iíve managed some truly big crises. I learned early on that the only way to ensure that you make a key point is to be obsessed with clarity. Using a clarity standard, though, works for far more than crisis. In fact, clarity is even more vital when people arenít paying much attention to you.

Clarity is not complicated. It comes from how you build sentences and choose words. Keep it simple and unadorned. Albert Einstein knew this. If you donít know a subject well enough to express it in clear, concise terms, how can you expect someone else to understand it at all?

I no longer manage crises. Now, I just write.I take jobs where getting it done quickly is a big deal: op-eds, news releases, media statements, backgrounders, targeted letters, talking points. I donít like to do tomes, so please donít ask me to write an annual report. I might be a good editor to boost its clarity, though.

My rates are great.I bill by the job, not the hour.

3 key things to share about me:

  • I spent most of my career managing high stakes crisis issues up and down the West Coast.
  • For the past 10 years, Iíve also led workshops on how to write clearly and concisely.
  • Iím fast. I turnaround most jobs in a day. That makes me a great resource for a tight deadline.
You can reach me through socialmedia,but please just call me at (206)963-2230, or by email at

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Class shows how to become a clear writer and speaker

My 90-minute class teaches how to write and speak clearly, the way top CEOs do. It shows how a different mindset and a few simple tools and techniques will bring clarity to what you are trying to say. To learn more about the MAKE YOUR POINT writing class, call me at (206) 963-2230 or by email to

ďBest response to a class weíve ever had.Ē Ė City of Seattle Department