by Wiley Brooks

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My MAKE YOUR POINT writing workshop made its debut this month. The response was beyond great! As word of the class spread through the organization, demand soared and before long there was a waiting list. What started out as two classes became three, then four and now maybe five. I’ve been doing writing workshops for 12 years and that’s not happened to me before. It feels awesome!

So, you might be asking, what’s so good about this class?

I’ve spent the past year and half looking at how the very top echelon of leaders write and speak. These are the guys and gals who other leaders believe to be at the kings (or queens) of the mountain. I’ve found that most of these elite leaders share a simple way of making their points. I adapted what I learned from them into my new workshop.

The class teaches a highly effective way to write and speak clearly. It’s not a grammar class by any stretch of the imagination. It challenges staff to think differently about how they write so that they can bring more clarity to what they are trying to say. This simple change in approach is how good leaders make their key points so well. The workshop covers a few, simple, easy-to-learn tools and techniques that anyone can use to turn their dense, so-so writing into crisp, easy-to-grasp drafts.

Clearly, people find it useful.

If there are people where you work who could use help lifting the fog from their writing, my class might be just the thing they need. The people who seem to gain the most from it, though, are those who already are decent writers but know they could be better. After they take this class, they are.